The Vision


E1 Transit will adopt leading technology in transportation to establish the world’s most sustainable transportation network that spans every city. Employing emissions-free vehicles that adapt and evolve, as technology changes will connect people, places and businesses – helping to create a more sustainable future for everyone.


Connecting people across Canada through sustainable and innovative transportation solutions

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E1 Transit Sustainability

At E1 transit our fleet is completely zero-emissions, using solely 100% electric vehicles. We believe in protecting the environment and we feel that using all-electric vehicles is the only way to roll. At E1 we support a more sustainable future by building a more robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure, promoting renewable energy and reducing harmful waste. We love to support initiatives that drive sustainability and improve our customer experience. In fact, we want to hear from our E1 friends and family and work together to build a sustainable future.

On a typical 200km trip our E1 Transit electric vehicle produces up to 188g of CO2 per passenger. That same trip in a gasoline powered bus or van produces up to 5,360g of CO2 per passenger - E1 Transit reduces emissions by 96.5% over conventional inter-city transit options. E1 Transit takes very positive steps in reducing the harmful emissions produced each year across Canada providing a clear benefit to the health of Canadians and our planet.

“At E1 transit, our primary objective is to accelerate electric transportation without compromising our planet. We have a relentless pursuit for social, economic, and environmental sustainability.” - Christopher Misch, CEO E1 transit.

Leadership Team

Christopher Misch – Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Misch is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of E1 Transit Corporation. As an early adopter and pioneering executive in the electric vehicle industry, Christopher adds significant depth to the leadership team and an unrelenting passion for sustainable transportation.

Christopher is an award-winning executive with a remarkable track record in the electric vehicle industry.  He has a deep understanding of emission-free transit and what it takes to build a strong brand in Canada. In 2012, Christopher led a team to create the World’s Longest Green Highway, a project he spearheaded to establish a robust charging network spanning Canada, one of the most geographic and climate diverse countries in the World. His passion for sustainable transportation is relentless and he has spoken around North America on electric vehicle infrastructure, emission-free transportation, and sustainable business practices. In 2013, Sun Country Highway was awarded a Clean Tech Award for the “Best Automotive Solution” and in 2015 Christopher’s leadership helped position Sun Country Highway on the Clean 50 List – a list of the 50 most sustainability-minded companies in Canada.

As a seasoned executive in the electric vehicle market space, Christopher has fostered over 175 government relationships and has negotiated relationships with over a dozen Fortune 500 customers. He has been actively involved in pioneering the industry to boost the sale and adoption of electric vehicles, working closely with Tesla Motors to expand their charging infrastructure and educating the public about electric vehicles and the advantages of ownership.

Christopher’s passion for clean transportation is a reflection of his love for life and the planet. In his downtime, he teaches part time at Western University in the Master’s of Sustainability program. An engaging leader, he relates all of his incredible achievements to helping to build a better place for his daughters and family.

Gary Rodrigues – Vice President and COO

Gary Rodrigues is an innovative entrepreneur involved in founding ventures in leading-edge new fields such as e-commerce platform building and electric car transportation.

In his past role at DrawSplash Inc., Gary assembled and managed a world-class computer science team to build and deploy web software that managed orders and online transactions, and was able to successfully sign on large clients such as Canadian universities, colleges, and top-level private schools.

A graduate of Western University, Gary was part of the DMZ business incubator at Ryerson in downtown Toronto as well as the Next 36 program through the University of Toronto.

Gary has been a close follower of the automotive technology space for many years and has a lot of interest in electric car technology, autonomous driving, AI and sustainable electricity production. Gary is well connected with industry leaders, and looks forward to seeing the revolution in electric and autonomous cars that will be ushered in with E1 Transit.

Han Lee – Founder and Chief Visionary

Hyunbin (Han) Lee is a visionary entrepreneur specialized in strategic planning. His entrepreneurial career started in 2009 with his first venture, London Print Company. Over time, the company grew from nothing into one of the major suppliers to educational institutions, with its lean operations and tech forward approach.

In early 2016 Han developed a keen interest in sustainable transportation and more specifically electric transit solutions – seeing the opportunity to leverage Tesla vehicles and a business model that could help fill the gap pertaining to inter-city transit, access challenges, and the need for flexible and an environmentally focused service offering. Later in 2016 E1 Transit was born. Han is spontaneous, creative and gutsy in finding solutions to problems he sees, and he won’t hesitate for a moment when an opportunity arises.

Electric Vehicles

E1 Transit uses the Tesla Model S to transport our customers.

Our electric blue fleet commands attention and makes a statement about E1 Transit’s unrelenting passion to create a more sustainable future. E1 Transit uses the most advanced electric vehicles in the World to transport our customers, including the award winning Tesla Model X and Model S. The vehicles are the safest and most advanced vehicles available offering guests an experience that makes the journey as important as the destination. The Tesla Model X recently received the highest safety rating of any sport utility vehicle ever produced. See: safety-rating-from-nhtsa/

Our vehicles offer the latest amenities so you can sit back in luxury and enjoy the ride. We offer free Wi-Fi, pillows, organic snacks and pure spring water. In addition, our drivers and concierge will create a memorable experience. Book a ride and let E1 transit take the worry out of your trip.